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The Conductor 

(Drama / Mystery / Suspense)

Ned is an unhappy train conductor who is enamored by the allure of wealthy Westchester homes. In his off-time, he breaks into them, not to steal but to experience the amenities they offer. He’s also infatuated with a beautiful, sophisticated passenger, a woman that‘s out of his league. His bumbling best friend knows about his secret interests but Ned’s live-in girlfriend doesn’t have a clue. 

THE CONDUCTOR is a film about longing for what one thinks is perfect, without realizing that these desired objects have flaws and prices.

The script was a Sundance Writer’s Lab finalist and is currently being developed in BVEW’s Screenwriters Career Lab.




Room for Doubt

(Mystery / Suspense / Neo Noir)

In a wealthy, suburban home, Kelly, 32, a conventionally beautiful, pharmaceutical rep, is found dead next to an empty bottle of sleeping pills. Her husband, Nick, 35, a young doctor with outstanding Medicare fraud charges, organizes her funeral and notifies his childhood friend, JESSE. Immediately, Jesse hops on a plane from Brooklyn and when he arrives, learns more details - including the fact that Kelly was having an affair. He also learns that despite the
appearance of suicide, Nick is increasingly a suspect in her death.


Soon after, Nick disappears, leaving his older sister, GRACE, and Jesse, with the two families. With a desire to
understand the truth and perhaps prove Nick’s innocence, Jesse and Grace slip into the role of investigators. Spanning a few years and a few cities, they set out to find and help him. In the process, they meet some odd characters, develop romantic feelings, have some luck and above all else, remain persistent.

ROOM FOR DOUBT has a few notable actors attached.


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